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Press conference, February 9, 2006

G8 Civil G8: dialogue or conflict?

Traditionally within the preparation of G8 summits the leaders of a states presiding conducts consultations with NGOs representatives.

These consultations are aimed at clarification of the civil society position on the priority issues being discussed by G8 leaders.

The new Civil Project Civil G8 2006 launched recently gives the opportunity to use the rich experience gained by the foreign and international NGOs within the framework of their participation in G8 summits preparation and to raise the
relationship and working contacts of G8 and NGOs to higher level. The Project is also aimed at involving new NGOs in the process of starting the dialogue between the civil society and G8 leaders.

The Russian, foreign and international NGOs leaders participating in the Project will have opportunity to prepare reports, to participate in the discussions and consultations, to conduct a dialogue with G8 representatives.

Many Russian and foreign NGOs have already expressed their support of the Project and the readiness to cooperate.

The organizational basis of the Project is represented by the Advisory Council playing the role of the open platform for the partner dialogue inside the Russia and G8 countries civil society and also between NGOs and G8 representatives.

The Civil G8 2006 has already started its expert activities.

In January-February a series of working meeting and discussions took place. In February, 16, three thematic international round table discussions will be held in Moscow. We invited to participate the Russian and foreign experts on the G82006 priority issues education, infectious diseases and global energy security, and also the leaders of national and international NGOs. All the Project participants are interested in organizing such expert discussions, working out coherent recommendations having their practical value for the society, for
every family and person.

To involve the maximum of national NGOs, expert institutions, the intellectual potential of the civil society in the dialogue with G8 the Civil G8 has launched its website
The website will serve as an instrument of informing about news and events within the framework of G8 summit preparation, the space for sharing ideas, preparing recommendations for G8 leaders and discussions on all the priority issues of G8-2006.

The website of the Project represent an instrument of an open communication and its success will depend considerably on the activeness of the organizations and persons participating in the Project.

What must be done to make Civil G8 a real discussion field for the dialogue?

How the NGOs position on within the Project must be formed?

How can this position influence the decisions which are to be taken within the summit in St Petersburg?

Let us to present the participants of our press-conference which will try to answer all these questions:

Ella Pamfilova Civil G8 Project Coordinator, Chair of The Civil Society and Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation

Alexander Auzan Institute of the National Project Social Treaty, President

Yuri Djibladze Center for Democracy and Human Rights, President

Igor Chestin - the WWF Russia, Director

Serguei Tsyplenkov International NGO Council Greenpeace, Director

Expert opinion

Halter Marek


Halter Marek
Le College de France
Olivier Giscard dEstaing


Olivier Giscard dEstaing
COPAM, France
Mika Ohbayashi


Mika Ohbayashi
Institute for Sustainable Energy Poliy
Bill Pace


Bill Pace
World Federalist Movement - Institute for Global Policy
Peter I. Hajnal


Peter I. Hajnal
Toronto University, G8 Research Group

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