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President of the Russian Federation

Date of inauguration: Vladimir Putin was elected President of the Russian Federation on March 26, 2000 and assumed office on May 7, 2000.
Date of birth: October 7, 1952
Place of Birth: Leningrad
Profession: he graduated from the law faculty of Leningrad State University in 1975.
Upon graduation he was assigned a job in state security bodies. He worked in the German Democratic Republic from 1985 to 1990.
In 1990, he was Assistant Rector of Leningrad State University on International Affairs, and later on worked as Advisor to the Chairman of the Leningrad City Council.
In June 1991, he became Chairman of St. Petersburg City Hall Foreign Relations Committee. From 1994, he combined this job with the position of First Deputy Chairman of St. Petersburg City Government.
In August 1996, he became Deputy Property Manager of the President of the Russian Federation.
In March 1997, he was appointed Deputy Head of the Russian Federation President Administration, and Director of the Main Control Department of the President of the Russian Federation.
In May 1998, he occupied the position of the First Deputy Head of the Russian Federation President Administration.
In July 1998, he was appointed Director of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, and combined this job since March 1999 with the position of the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation.
In August 1999, he became Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation.
On December 31, 1999, he was appointed Acting President of the Russian Federation.
On March 26, 2000, he was elected President of the Russian Federation and assumed office on May 7, 2000.
On March 14, 2004, he was re-elected President of the Russian Federation for a second term.
President Vladimir Putin is also the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and Chairman of the State Council.
He is a Candidate of Economics and knows German and English.
Vladimir Putin is married and has two daughers.

President of the French Republic

Jacques Chirak was born on November 29, 1932 in Paris.
He graduated from the Paris Institute for Political Studies (Institut dEtudes de Paris), the French National School of Public Administration (Ecole Nationale dAdministration), and Harvard Summer School in the US.
In 1962, he went to work in the Prime Ministers Secretariat.
From 1967 to 1968, he worked as State Secretary for Social Affairs, and in 1969 he was State Secretary for Budgetary Affairs to the Minister of Finance.
From 1971 to 1972, he served as Minister-Delegate to the Prime Minister.
From 1972 to 1973, he headed the Ministry of Agriculture.
In 1974, he was the Interior Minister.
From 1974 to 1976, and from 1986 to 1989, he held the position of the Prime Minister.
Having left this position in 1976, he was elected Chairman of the Rally for the Republic (Rassemblement pour la Republic - RPR)
From 1977 to 1995, he was the Mayor of Paris.
In 1979-1980, he was a member of the European Parliament.
In 1995, he was elected President of France and re-elected for another term in 2002.
Jacques Chirak is married and has two daughters.

President of the United States of America

George W. Bush was born on July 6, 1946 in New Haven, Connecticut.
In 1968 he received a bachelors degree in history from Yale University, and in 1975 he graduated from Harvard Business School as a Master of Business Administration.
From 1968 to 1973, he served as an F-102 fighter pilot in the Texas Air National Guard.
From 1975 to 1986, he was involved in the oil business.
In 1987-1988, he helped his father to conduct his presidential campaign.
From 1989 to 1994, he was a co-owner and manager of the Texas Rangers baseball team.
From 1995 to 2001, he was Governor of Texas.
In November 2000, he became US President and was re-elected for a second term in 2004.
He is married to Laura Bush and has two daughters.

Prime Minister of Great Britain

Tony Blair was born on May 6, 1953 in Edinburgh, Scotland.
In 1976, he graduated from St. Johns College of Oxford University where he studied law. He practiced law in the field of trade union law and labour relations.
He joined the Labour Party in 1975.
In May 1982, he ran unsuccessfully for a seat in the House of Commons in Beaconsfield county but received only 10 percent of all votes.
In 1983, he was elected to the House of Commons from Sedgefield.
In 1984-1994, he was a member of the Shadow Cabinet of the Labour Party. In succession he was in charge of financial and economic issues, trade and industry, power engineering, employment and home affairs.
In 1987-1988, he combined his political career with journalism, and worked as a columnist for The Times.
After the sudden death of Labour leader John Smith in 1994, Tony Blair headed the Labour Party and became the leader of the parliamentary opposition at the same time.
In 1997, he led the Labour Party to a landslide victory in the General Election and became Prime Minister.
The Labour Party gained another convincing victory at the General Election in 2001 and 2005.
Tony Blair is married to Cherie Blair since 1980 and has three sons and a daughter.

Prime Minister of Japan

Junichiro Koizumi was born on January 8, 1942 in the Kanagawa Prefecture.
He graduated from the economics faculty of the prestigious private Keio University in Tokyo. After graduation he took an economics course in London.
At the age of 30, in 1972, he was elected to the Diets House of Representatives (Shugi-in) and has been re-elected nine times since then.
He occupied the following positions in the Government: Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare.
He held a number of important positions in the Liberal-Democratic Party, being a member of its Leading Council, Deputy Chairman of its Policy Board, and its Deputy Secretary-General.
In 2001, the Diet elected him as Prime Minister.
In 2003, he gained a convincing victory at the elections of the Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party. At the early elections to the Diets House of Representatives he was re-elected Prime Minister by a vast majority of votes.
Mr. Koizumi is divorced and has two sons.

The Prime Minister Of Italy

Date of inauguration: June 11, 2001
Date of birth: September 29, 1936
Place of birth: Milan, Italy
Education: Law department, University of Milan
Mr. Berlusconi joined the election campaign in early 1994, heading the movement Forza Italia that was established by him.
In March 1994, the movement Forza Italia won parliamentary elections together with the Northern League and the rightist National Alliance, receiving an absolute majority in the Chamber of Deputies.
In December 1994, the government of Silvio Berlusconi resigned, after the Northern League left the ruling coalition.
Mr. Berlusconi lost the 1996 parliamentary elections to the Center-Left Olive Tree coalition.
In May 2001, he scored a landslide victory at the head of the Center-Right Freedom House Coalition.
The Government of Silvio Berlusconi was sworn in June 11, 2001.
Mr. Berlusconi has remarried. He has two children from the first marriage and three children from the second marriage.

Federal Chancellor of Germany

Born: July 17, 1954 in Hamburg.
1978: graduated with a degree in physics from Karl Marx University in Leipzig.
Worked as a researcher in the quantum chemistry department of the Central Institute for Physical Chemistry at the East Berlin Academy of Sciences, German Democratic Republic (DDR), where she attained her doctorate in 1986.
1990: deputy spokesperson in the last DDR government.
1990: German Bundestag deputy.
1991: Federal Minister for Women and Youth.
1994-1998: Minister for the Environment and Nuclear Reactor Safety.
In 1989, joined the Demokratische Aufbruch (Democratic Awakening) organization. In 1990 joined the Christian Democratic Union. In 1991, elected deputy Christian Democratic Union chairperson. From 1993 to 2000 headed the CDU branch in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. In 1998, became CDU Secretary-General.
November 22, 2005: elected German Chancellor.

Stephen HARPER
Prime Minister of Canada

Birth: April 30, 1959 in Toronto, Ontario
Education: BA - University of Calgary 1985
MA - University of Calgary 1991
Profession: Economist
Political Career: 1985 - began his political career as Executive Assistant to Jim Hawkes, Progressive Conservative MP
1987- Chief Policy Officer for the Reform Party.
1988- Legislative Assistant to Deborah Gray, the Reform Party's first MP.
1993- First elected to the House of Commons as the Reform MP.
1997- Did not seek re-election to take the post of President of the National Citizens Coalition, a public organization working to protect Canadians' fundamental political and economic freedoms.
2002- Elected to the House of Commons and Leader of the Canadian Alliance Party. In this capacity, he led the official opposition till the end of 2003.
2004, March 20-Elected Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and opposition leader in the House of Commons.
2006, January 23-Led the Conservative Party to victory with a minority government.
Family: Married with two children.

Chairman of the European Commission

Jose Manuel Barroso was born in Lisbon, Portugal on March 23, 1956.
He graduated from the faculty of law of Lisbon University and from Geneva University where he majored in political sciences and European studies.
In 1980, Mr. Barroso joined the Social Democratic Party of Portugal.
He has been elected to the national parliament six times running since 1985.
In 1991, he joined the European movement.
In 1995-1996, he chaired the national parliamentary committee on international affairs.
In 1996, he was the Director of the International Institute for Support of Democracy and Electoral Assistance.
From 1999 to 2000, he was Deputy Chairman of the European Peoples Party.
From 2002 to 2004, he headed the Government of Portugal.
In 2004, he became the Chairman of the European Commission.
He is married to Margarida Sousa Uva and has three children.

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