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NGOs' Initiatives

The NGOs proposals on the Civil G8 Project

Down Syndrome Association, Sergei Koloskov
Region Social Organization Childs Right, Boris Altshuler
NAN No to alcohol and drugs, Russian Charity Fund, Oleg Zykov
Moscow State Duma Education and Science Committee, Eugeny Bunimovich
Human Rights Institute, Valentin Guefter

Dear G8-2006 friends and colleagues,
Dear participants if the International Civil Forum Civil Institutions contribution to the G8 Summit agenda.

We ask you to adopt a program of CivilG8 actions, aimed to make sure that our suggestions will be considered and realized by the G8 countries. We suggest that in the Education chapter of the CivilG8 addressing document there would be the following item on integrative education. The corresponding program project is formulated further down.

Project of the G8-2006 Action Program on lobbying NGOs suggestions.

To MUTUALLY gain CONCRETE RESULTS on the integrative education question being part of the G8 Summit Agenda, as well in the sphere of integrative education international cooperation and development, its financing and to secure its realization on the national level by the G8 governments, we suggest lobbying G8 governments by the NGOs, and participating in the following activities:

Actively apply coordinated negotiations with the G8 authorities representative.

Provide for coordinated work of G8 with Mass Media.

Apply other socially approves democratic forms of lobbying, for example, organize mutual mass demonstration in all of the G8 countries at the same time, the day before or on the day of the Ministers meeting (June, 1st, International Children Day).

Involve famous people: actors, musicians etc.

5. Other form of lobbying.

International Foundation of Technologies and Investments

We would like to suggest the Civil G8 Forum being the exponent of NGOs and scientific organizations opinions to make a very important initiative: to create an International Foundation for Global threats research under the G8 Group. It would allow organizing the permanently acting Center developing fundamental knowledge, necessary to prevent Global dangers threatening the mankind.

Our proposal deals with all the spectrum of G8 priority problems declared by Russia in 2006.

NAN Fund

Suggestions on specific directions of the Civil Society Initiations actions. The suggestions are to be discussed at the CivilG8 Forum in March 2006 and within some other activities with NGOs participation.

To arrange activities within the G8 framework which will be supported by the Counsel, the following topics are proposed:

1.Founding and developing of the Civil Society Institutions.
This universal topic can be effectively presented as this problem is acute for the whole NGO community and will inevitably raised at the Forum.

Two subtopics are suggested:

1.1 Information and experience exchange in 5 directions of the sphere of NGO activity and IGO studying:
5- :
social services provision;
development and promotion of the civil initiatives;
civil control implementation
Development of the cooperation of IGO with authorities and business;
Formation of the NGO expert community and its researchers.

1.2 Formation and development of the International NGO cooperation.
Development and consolidation of the international specialized networks (there may be a certain spectrum chosen out of 5-6 directions of NGOs activities.
Development and promotion of the social net technologies.

Long-term and positive experience of the UK (as a former G8 chair) in the IGO development (one of the latest technologies is compacts the technology of annual legal agreements between Authorities and organized NGO communities) can become the start ground for the democracy development baton, taken by Russia.

This topic course (a serious of round tables) will be beneficial for formation and development of the NGO suggestion system through which they can submit their ideas on the development of the Civil Society Institution to the government. The idea to raise the NGO priority was already posed in 2001.

2. Children as civilized strategic resource.
This topic seems to be perspective in the light of the problems considered by the G8 Summit.
Though it should be kept in mind that this topic can be a continuation of the question posed earlier, back in 1997.

It is the innovative and constructive approach can help Russia solve the problems of survival, childrens rights and development security, and to allow children in building the future of the human kind, get substantial foreign policy dividends. But all this requires realization of this problem complexity, as well as strong and honest desire.

Formation of the social-psychological standards of the childrens right security system, including the questions on juvenile justice, as an organized lawful base for the juvenile social policy seems to be of much importance. Most of the organizing questions can be solved through the involvement of the NGOs, members of the Civil Society to the children of Russia Union working for the childrens interests.

Both directions can become a start ground, which will be represented by many NGOs. Honest and open dialogues between Authorities and NGOs will allow questions of the cooperation between Authorities and IGO be part of the agenda in Russia. Its openness will be the best demonstration of Russias readiness for the positive world construction, as an alternative to the extremism.
The suggested directions will be interesting for the NGOs, which are potentially ready for that.

Expert opinion

Halter Marek


Halter Marek
Le College de France
Olivier Giscard dEstaing


Olivier Giscard dEstaing
COPAM, France
Mika Ohbayashi


Mika Ohbayashi
Institute for Sustainable Energy Poliy
Bill Pace


Bill Pace
World Federalist Movement - Institute for Global Policy
Peter I. Hajnal


Peter I. Hajnal
Toronto University, G8 Research Group

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