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Media on Civil G8

The NGO World Community discussed the results of “Civil g8-2006” Project

G8 human rights activists to sum up results of Russia’s G8 presidency

NGO will discuss the realization of the last G8 summits decisions

More than 2 thousand NGOs participated in the “Civil G8” Project

The Final Conference of Human Rights Activists is being held in Moscow

Africa's problems are global and affect us all, says Ella Pamfilova

Ella Pamfilova: The article concerning the officials of the Anti-extremism Law Should Be Reconsidered

Democratization processes gaining momentum at G8 - Putin

Russian laws on xenophobia should be tougher - rights activist

Russian rights official says NGO law could be amended

Ella Pamfilova Advocates the Toughening Legislation Regulating the Fight against Xenophobia

Igor Chestin: The G8 summit showed a new level for similar actions

Ella Pamfilova reported that the CivilG8 recommendations were heard by the G8

The G8 Leaders Took into Account the Recommendations on Disabled People Education

Pamfilova: “The NGO Law may be changed”

G8 heeds recommendations from NGOs - Putin's human rights envoy

WWF suggested that J. Bush should pay more attention to the climate change and sustainable forestry problems

Ella Pamfilova” Putin can Correct the NGO Law

Putin acquainted the G8 Leaders with the Civil G8 Recommendations

Ella Pamfilova: the cause of xenophobia is the low legal and social culture

Pamfilova: Civil G8 process more than "ritual dancing"

"Deutsche Welle" - Interview with Ella Pamfilova

Rossiiskaya Gazeta – Interview with Ella Pamfilova

The WWF representatives point out that G8 pay more and more attention to the climate problems

Representatives of Russian NGOs told Bush the request of the American colleagues

Ella Pamfilova at “Radio Rossii”

Ella Pamfilova Stood up for the Activists

Civil G8 2006 sets the standard for a similar process in Germany

Russia will not reject marking of GM products for the sake of WTO entry

Three summits hope to hear each other

Vladimir Putin meets with the leaders of the biggest International NGOs

A Victory for Russia and Civil Society

Putin: Dialogue required between G8 leaders and NGOs

G8 mechanisms moving in the right direction, believes Alexandr Auzan

Putin prepared to initiate amendments to law on NGOs

NGO leaders call meeting with Putin unprecedented

NGO heads develop proposals for G8 leaders

NGO representatives rate dialogue with Putin positively

President’s candid dialogue with human rights defenders

Civil Recommendations

Civil G8 2006: NGOs seek to form global agenda

Ella Pamfilova at the “Moscow Echo” radio station. Problems of G8 countries and NGOs cooperation

NGOs to gather in Russia ahead of G8 summit

The “Civil G8” intends to raise the citizens belief in their own forces

The International NGOs Forum will be held in Moscow on the eve of the G8 Summit

Ella Pamfilova: About 500 Russian and Foreign NGOs will come to Moscow in July, on the eve of the G8 summit

The Energy Effectiveness will be one of the priority issues at the G8 summit

The International NGOs Forum in Moscow will formulate proposals for the G8 summit agenda in 2007

The Russian and International NGOs visited the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan

The “Civil G8 – 2006” met in Kazan

The civil society creates “Civil G8”

“Civil G8” will submit its suggestions for the G8 Summit

The leaders of the nongovernmental union “CivilG8” held a press conference

Ella Pamfilova: Rumors about Russian civil society decease are overestimated

Civil G8 – to the G8 leaders

“CivilG8” prepares the suggestion on the education of the disabled

Nongovernmental Organizations are making up recommendations for the governments

Organized civil community

NGOs suggest that G8 countries call year 2007 a year of the Civil Education

NGOs Try To Advise G8 States

NGOs work out recommendations for G-8 summit

NGOs International Forum in Moscow

Civil G8 2006 offers recommendations on G8 summit agenda

G8 Sherpas Hear From NGOs

NGO representatives meet in Moscow to draft proposals for G8 summit

Social integration, dialogue of civilizations among top priorities of Russian NGOs – Pamfilova

Russia’s G8 Presidency organizers praise sherps, NGOs

Energy NGOs warn of nuclear power 'catastrophe' threat

NGOs to work out recommendations for G8 summit

Ella Pamfilova: “A new ground for the international problem discussion on the level of NGOs is being set up in Moscow”

Pamfilova hopes that the NGO bill will be completed by the second reading in the State Duma

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Halter Marek
Le College de France
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Olivier Giscard d’Estaing
COPAM, France
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Mika Ohbayashi
Institute for Sustainable Energy Poliñy
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Bill Pace
World Federalist Movement - Institute for Global Policy
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Peter I. Hajnal
Toronto University, G8 Research Group

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