Civil G8 2006

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26.06.07 Leo Adler: At the G8 Summit, Demonstrators and disruptors are successfully exerting their influence

08.06.07 Researchers Release Comprehensive Review of G8 Performance

05.06.07 NGO Letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel

01.06.07 Global call to action against poverty

15.02.07 Your voice against poverty

12.02.07 Movement against poverty. Steps in Russia

05.12.06 The NGO World Community discussed the results of “Civil g8-2006” Project

03.12.06 Africa: Russia, Too, Out for a Stake in Africa

02.12.06 G8 human rights activists to sum up results of Russia’s G8 presidency

02.12.06 NGO will discuss the realization of the last G8 summits decisions

02.12.06 More than 2 thousand NGOs participated in the “Civil G8” Project

02.12.06 The Final Conference of Human Rights Activists is being held in Moscow

28.11.06 Arab NGOs say solve crises first, then push reform

28.11.06 Christians Plot Against Poverty

27.11.06 Sergey Lavrov, Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, "Government and Business - Natural Allies in the Struggle Against Terrorism"

27.11.06 ZAMBIA: More than 10 girls raped every week

26.11.06 Angola: Moxico - British NGO Trains Waste Management Workers

25.11.06 Joint Press Conference following the Russia-EU summit meeting

25.11.06 Global AIDS epidemic continues to grow despite some positive trends – UN report

25.11.06 Focuses of the German G8 presidency

24.11.06 Donors Must Spend More On Universal Education

24.11.06 First Lady Of Zambia And Former White House Aids Director To Address Women And Children And Global Hiv/Aids Issues On World Aids Day. Metro New York Women To Participate In Hands-On Hiv/Aids Experiences With Local And Global Impact

24.11.06 AIDS epidemic update (WHO and UNAIDS; the Joint UN Program on HIV/AIDS)

23.11.06 Kenya: International NGOs Say No to Genetically Engineered Trees

23.11.06 General Assembly President calls for stronger relationship between UN and civil society

23.11.06 African industrialization key to cutting poverty, UN officials say

23.11.06 Need for quality public education critical

23.11.06 Human Devt Report Highlights Water Threat

23.11.06 Global AIDS epidemic continues to grow despite some positive trends – UN report

22.11.06 NGO Introduces an Affordable Approach to Fighting Malaria

22.11.06 NGO trains people living with HIV/Aids

21.11.06 2007 crucial in global warming battle: UK

20.11.06 Contentious issues remain after climate talks

20.11.06 Pratham award for NGO

20.11.06 US paves way for Russia WTO entry

20.11.06 Meeting of Ministers and Governors in Melbourne, 18-19 November 2006. Communique

20.11.06 Africa’s New Journey. Will the youth claim NEPAD’s promise?

20.11.06 Some progress made at international climate talks

19.11.06 NGOs: Social development organizations or business entities?

19.11.06 Rich countries betraying their obligations to help poor countries protect public health

18.11.06 Berlin to push budget discipline at G8

18.11.06 CIVICUS Civil Society Index’s contemporary challenges for civil society

17.11.06 Social change movement becomes its own global brand

17.11.06 Post-Kyoto UN deal out of reach - Miliband

15.11.06 The daunting task of peer review in Africa

14.11.06 German FM visits Libya ahead of G8, EU presidencies

13.11.06 G-8 nations must lead efforts to combat global water and sanitation crisis: UN report

01.11.06 Seminar “The Incitement of Hatred and Enmity: Legal Means of Counteracting the Danger and Problems in Applying the Law”

27.10.06 Africa's problems are global and affect us all, says Ella Pamfilova

26.10.06 Africa partnership forum to meet in Moscow

25.10.06 The Civil Society Institutions and Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation is preparing to meet V. Putin

24.10.06 26th October: a Seminar on 'The Incitement of Hatred and Ill Will: Legal Means of Counteracting the Danger and Problems in Applying the Law

10.10.06 Forever indebted?

06.10.06 Germany aims to slash energy consumption by 2020

04.10.06 G8, emerging nations resume climate change talks at Mexico summit

03.10.06 Africa: Climate Change and Energy - New Round of G8 Talks in Mexico

03.10.06 Child Assistance Programs is the common concern of business and NGOs

02.10.06 The First Russian Forum for Inclusive Education was held in Moscow Region

29.09.06 Ella Pamfilova awarded French order The Legion of Honour

27.09.06 G8 still needed, deputy foreign affairs minister says

26.09.06 Germany to put global warming back on G8 agenda

23.09.06 Russia to cooperate fruitfully in G8 and EU formats - Putin

22.09.06 Poor countries 'suffering from aid chaos'

21.09.06 G8 nations are 'Underachievers'. School Report shows rich nations broken their promises to poor children

19.09.06 Africa: G8, African Capital and the World Cup to Take Centre-Stage at AIF 2006

18.09.06 G8 meeting focuses on terrorism, uncontrolled immigration

17.09.06 Speech by President Vladimir Putin at a Meeting with G8 Parliamentary Leaders

12.09.06 Commonwealth says G8 must keep promises to poor

12.09.06 The role of Civil Society Organizations in IMF-World Bank meetings

09.09.06 Russia-Africa: Putin Promises Development, But Promotes Business

07.09.06 Russia Proposes Signing A Strategy On Public-Private Partnership For Counter-Terrorism In G8 Format

04.09.06 24-25th September St. Petesburg will hold the International cpmpatriots

25.08.06 Thomas L. Brewer. Public Opinion on Climate Change Issues in the G-8 and G-5 Countries

24.08.06 Congress WCAEE-2006 opening

23.08.06 Anjela Merkel: Germany overpasses economic weakness

22.08.06 Comparative Analysis of Social Threats and Concerns in G8 Countries

20.08.06 Statement by the G-8, the leaders of Brazil, China, India, Mexico, South Africa, Chairman of the Council of the Heads of State of the CIS, Chairman of the African Union, and the Heads of the International Organizations. G8 Documents (St. Petersburg, 2006)

18.08.06 Education for Innovative Societies in the 21st century. G8 Documents (St. Petersburg, 2006)

16.08.06 Global Energy Security. G8 Documents (St. Petersburg, 2006)

10.08.06 President Bush's Statement on Kleptocracy

04.08.06 The Inter-ministerial Commission on the State Program for the Assistance of the Russians’ immigration has been established

04.08.06 Leonid Grigoriev: Big consensus-2006

25.07.06 Moscow in tax claim for human rights body

24.07.06 The G8 rule, and the rest can like it or lump it

24.07.06 Experts hold contradictory opinions about the G8 summit's results Was the G8 summit a success for Russia?

24.07.06 Gerd Leipold

24.07.06 The British Charity Organization Oxfam declares the food help by Western states solves short-term problems, but undermines the continent’s agriculture.

22.07.06 G8 summit made progress on key issues – George W. Bush

20.07.06 Ella Pamfilova: The article concerning the officials of the Anti-extremism Law Should Be Reconsidered

19.07.06 World religious leaders write to G8

19.07.06 Press Conference on G8 Summit with Konstantin Kosachev, chair of the State Duma Committeefor Foreign Affrairs

18.07.06 Democratization processes gaining momentum at G8 - Putin

18.07.06 Vladimir Putin. Press Conference Following the G8 Summit

18.07.06 Russian laws on xenophobia should be tougher - rights activist

18.07.06 Russian rights official says NGO law could be amended

18.07.06 Ella Pamfilova Advocates the Toughening Legislation Regulating the Fight against Xenophobia

18.07.06 Igor Chestin: The G8 summit showed a new level for similar actions

18.07.06 Ella Pamfilova reported that the CivilG8 recommendations were heard by the G8

18.07.06 The G8 Leaders Took into Account the Recommendations on Disabled People Education

17.07.06 Chair's summary. G8 Documents (St. Petersburg, 2006)

17.07.06 G8 heeds recommendations from NGOs - Putin's human rights envoy

17.07.06 Canadian Prime Minister gives news conference after G8 summit

17.07.06 Italian Prime Minister optimistic on Lebanon peacekeeping, realistic on energy prices

17.07.06 Koizumi held news conference on G8 summit

17.07.06 French president holds news conference on results of G8 summit

17.07.06 Tony Blair urges Israel and Hezbollah to show restraint and take balanced action

17.07.06 German Chancellor holds news conference on results of G8 summit

17.07.06 NGOs think G8 should pay more attention to Africa

17.07.06 WWF suggested that J. Bush should pay more attention to the climate change and sustainable forestry problems

17.07.06 Ella Pamfilova” Putin can Correct the NGO Law

17.07.06 Putin acquainted the G8 Leaders with the Civil G8 Recommendations

17.07.06 Ella Pamfilova: the cause of xenophobia is the low legal and social culture

17.07.06 Pamfilova: Civil G8 process more than "ritual dancing"

16.07.06 The Meeting of G8 leaders with members of the Junior G8

16.07.06 Vladimir Putin. Press Briefing at the International Press Centre

16.07.06 Fight against infectious diseases. G8 Documents (St. Petersburg, 2006)

16.07.06 Trade. G8 Documents (St. Petersburg, 2006)

16.07.06 Update on Africa. G8 Documents (St. Petersburg, 2006)

16.07.06 Fighting high level corruption. G8 Documents (St. Petersburg, 2006)

16.07.06 Combating IPR Piracy and Counterfeiting. G8 Documents (St. Petersburg, 2006)

16.07.06 G8 Summit Declaration on Counter-Terrorism. G8 Documents (St. Petersburg, 2006)

16.07.06 G8 Statement on Strengthening the UN's Counter-Terrorism Program. G8 Documents (St. Petersburg, 2006)

16.07.06 "Deutsche Welle" - Interview with Ella Pamfilova

16.07.06 G-8 Declaration on Cooperation and Future Action in Stabilization and Reconstruction. G8 Documents (St. Petersburg, 2006)

16.07.06 Statement on Non-Proliferation. G8 Documents (St. Petersburg, 2006)

16.07.06 Middle East. G8 Documents (St. Petersburg, 2006)

16.07.06 Report on the G8 global partnership. G8 Documents (St. Petersburg, 2006)

16.07.06 Report of the Nuclear Safety and Security Group. G8 Documents (St. Petersburg, 2006)

16.07.06 NGO Press Briefing: Africa

15.07.06 V.Putin Press Conference Following Talks with U.S. President George W. Bush

15.07.06 Rossiiskaya Gazeta – Interview with Ella Pamfilova

15.07.06 Joint Statement by President George Bush and President V.V.Putin. G8 Documents (St. Petersburg, 2006)

15.07.06 Joint Statement by U.S. President George Bush and Russian Federation President V.V. Putin announcing the global initiative to combat nuclear terrorism. G8 Documents (St. Petersburg, 2006)

15.07.06 Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism: Joint Fact Sheet. G8 Documents (St. Petersburg, 2006)

15.07.06 Joint Policy Statement by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on Canada-Russia Relations. G8 Documents (St. Petersburg, 2006)

15.07.06 Joint Statement by Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper and President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on Canada-Russia Energy Cooperation. G8 Documents (St. Petersburg, 2006)

15.07.06 The WWF representatives point out that G8 pay more and more attention to the climate problems

14.07.06 Trade union statement to the G8 Saint-Petersburg Summit, July 2006

14.07.06 Discussion with participants in the Junior G8

14.07.06 Representatives of Russian NGOs told Bush the request of the American colleagues

14.07.06 Ella Pamfilova at “Radio Rossii”

13.07.06 President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Interview with NBC Television Channel (USA), TF-1 Television Channel (France), CTV Television Channel (Canada), ZDF Television Channel (Germany)

12.07.06 G8 summit to establish Russia as a full partner - RUIE head

12.07.06 Russia's Lavrov says no "cool war" after G8 summit in Russia

12.07.06 EU Proposes EUR3B G-8 Fund For Good Governance In Africa

12.07.06 Summit program and media opportunities

12.07.06 Roundtable Interview of the President George W. Bush by Foreign Print Media

12.07.06 Ella Pamfilova Stood up for the Activists

12.07.06 Trade union leaders satisfied with their "historical" meeting with Putin

11.07.06 G8 leaders consider energy security issue crucial for summit

11.07.06 Annan urges G8 leaders to push for deal

11.07.06 G8 presents united front on global health issues: The fight against infectious diseases has helped summit leaders find common ground but expectations remain low

10.07.06 UK ambassador gives interview to Russian radio ahead of G8 summit

10.07.06 World Bank urges global trade breakthrough at G8

10.07.06 EU dangles rewards as Russia eyes G8 energy pact

09.07.06 The materials concerning the detainment of the All Russian Social Forum participants will be brought to the Office of Public Prosecutor in the near future

08.07.06 “To detain the participants of the Social Forum is mere provocation”, Pamfilova

07.07.06 Junior8 summit 2006

07.07.06 Vladimir Putin answers G8 questions in online conference

06.07.06 World Summit of Religious Leaders July 3 – 5, 2006, Moscow. Message

06.07.06 Religious summit: time to talk in the open

05.07.06 Vladimir Putin met with the leaders of the world's largest non-governmental organisations

05.07.06 G8 summit in Russia to help local NGOs develop - rights expert

05.07.06 Vladimir Putin met with representatives of the International Chamber of Commerce, the world business organisation

05.07.06 Civil G8 2006 sets the standard for a similar process in Germany

05.07.06 Russia will not reject marking of GM products for the sake of WTO entry

05.07.06 Three summits hope to hear each other

05.07.06 Vladimir Putin meets with the leaders of the biggest International NGOs

05.07.06 A Victory for Russia and Civil Society

04.07.06 Russia's Putin to meet with NGOs ahead of G8 summit

04.07.06 Putin's flotation of rouble pays off ahead of G8

04.07.06 World Religion, NGO Summits Open Ahead of G8

04.07.06 Putin to convey religious leaders’ idea to his G8 colleagues

04.07.06 Russia's Putin calls for interfaith dialogue to oppose extremism

04.07.06 Putin: Dialogue required between G8 leaders and NGOs

04.07.06 G8 mechanisms moving in the right direction, believes Alexandr Auzan

04.07.06 Putin prepared to initiate amendments to law on NGOs

04.07.06 NGO leaders call meeting with Putin unprecedented

04.07.06 NGO heads develop proposals for G8 leaders

04.07.06 NGO representatives rate dialogue with Putin positively

04.07.06 President’s candid dialogue with human rights defenders

03.07.06 NGOs to convene in Russia ahead of G8 summit

03.07.06 Religious leaders set to gather in Moscow for summit

03.07.06 Russia to offer energy road map at G8

03.07.06 Civil Recommendations

03.07.06 Civil G8 2006: NGOs seek to form global agenda

03.07.06 Ella Pamfilova at the “Moscow Echo” radio station. Problems of G8 countries and NGOs cooperation

01.07.06 Russia to call G8 attention to long-term problems: Professor Kirton

01.07.06 G8 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting. Chairman's statement

30.06.06 Russia calls for fair playing field in energy market

30.06.06 G8 foreign ministers reiterate Africa peacekeeping commitments

29.06.06 G8 foreign ministers to meet in Moscow

29.06.06 UN Anti-Narcotics Chief Calls for Wide Spectrum Action

28.06.06 G8 countries fail to meet commitments to Africa: NGOs

28.06.06 PanAfrica: Africa Action Statement on Avian Influenza and Africa - Looking Ahead to the Annual G8 Meeting

28.06.06 Iran, Terror, Drugs to Top G8 Foreign Ministers' Agenda

28.06.06 Erik Belfrage. How business is making the world better

23.06.06 Mikhail Kamynin: No taboo themes for Russia in G8

23.06.06 Proposals of the Round Table of the Russian Public Chamber ENERGY SECURITY AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (for the St. Petersburg Summit in July 2006)

23.06.06 NGOs to gather in Russia ahead of G8 summit

22.06.06 U.S., European Leaders Initiate Dialogue to Avert Climate Change

22.06.06 Civil Society forum before the ECOSOC HLS, 29 June - 30 June 2006, Geneva

21.06.06 President Hu to attend meeting of dialogues between G8 and developing countries

21.06.06 Seminar dedicated to the changes to Federal laws ¹82 ÔÇ "On public associations", ¹7 ÔÇ "On non-profit organizations" and subordinate acts of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, specifying their application

20.06.06 The ADB and a $1-billion clean energy fund

20.06.06 Evaluation echoes civil society critique of World Bank-IMF debt relief efforts

20.06.06 ‘Cleaning’ energy. Ambiguous framework proposes coal and large hydro

20.06.06 List of web-sites on Biodiversity and Genetically Modified Organisms

20.06.06 Convention on Biological Diversity

19.06.06 G8 Research Group. Gleneagles Final Compliance Report

19.06.06 G8 Members to Share Crime Data

19.06.06 G-8 Justice Ministers Pledge to Step Up Fight Against Terrorism

19.06.06 G8 nations vow to cooperate on terrorism

19.06.06 Russia drafts anti-bird flu program for G8 summit

19.06.06 ICC views on economic, environmental and social reporting

19.06.06 G8 justice, interior ministers, prosecutors to meet in Germany

19.06.06 Kremlin official says West cannot solve global problems without Russia

19.06.06 G8 meetings will focus on energy security

17.06.06 EDITORIAL; G8 must get its priorities right

17.06.06 G8 ‘Should Help Diaspora Boost Home Science’

17.06.06 Nurgaliyev and the G8

16.06.06 Terrorism Is the Focus at G8 Meeting

16.06.06 G8 states need to update anti-criminal strategies - Nurgaliyev

16.06.06 Unchecked migration a significant problem for G8 members - Kremlin official

16.06.06 Energy safety document to be approved at G8 summit

16.06.06 Science academies target G8 agenda

15.06.06 Experts and Policymakers Visiting ADB for Clean Energy Week

15.06.06 World researchers call for global monitoring of bird flu

15.06.06 Religious summit in Moscow echoes G8 meeting - diplomat

15.06.06 Scientists urge G8 not to ignore global warming

15.06.06 Russian minister Gref highlights poverty as major social woe

14.06.06 Ministerial conference to focus on counterterrorism, disaster preparedness

14.06.06 Russian FM calls for globalization to benefit all countries

14.06.06 Latvia, Slovenia, Finland for broader energy ties with Russia

13.06.06 A New G8 Opportunity on Aids

13.06.06 Russia to Forgive Debt Owed by Poor Nations

13.06.06 G8 ministers predict year of growth despite inflation worries

13.06.06 The “Civil G8” intends to raise the citizens belief in their own forces

13.06.06 Russia Calls on G8 to Be Responsible

13.06.06 Wrap: G8 finance ministers discuss energy, poverty, terrorism

13.06.06 Russia's G8 initiatives include financial literacy - Kudrin

13.06.06 Russia seeks full role in G8 financial mechanisms - Kudrin

11.06.06 Pre-Summit Statement by G8 Finance Ministers

09.06.06 Oxfam accuses UK of cutting aid

09.06.06 G8 finance chiefs focus on energy

09.06.06 G8 says rising oil risk to strong world economy

09.06.06 International AIDS conference opens in Moscow

08.06.06 Report urges action on road deaths

08.06.06 Gorbachev puts anti-nuclear case to Blair

08.06.06 A New G8 Opportunity on AIDS

07.06.06 G8 finance ministers to continue debate on oil prices

07.06.06 G8 finance ministers to talk poor-nation energy access June 9-10

07.06.06 Russia to write off $700m in poor countries debt in 2006-Kudrin

06.06.06 G8 To Discuss Oil, Imbalances; Talks May Hurt Dollar

06.06.06 Gas to play bigger role in global energy sector -- Khristenko

06.06.06 Final declaration of commitment on HIV/AIDS adopted — disagreement over strengths and weaknesses persist

06.06.06 G-8 Ministers to Discuss Developing Nations' Energy Efficiency

06.06.06 Brazil to show off biofuels at G8 summit in July

05.06.06 Transcript of Meeting with the Leaders of the News Agencies of G8 Member Countries

05.06.06 G8 Countries launch radical aid package for Africa

05.06.06 G8 education ministers praise teachers in Moscow talks statement

05.06.06 G8 FM meeting to adopt document on Mideast conflicts - FM Lavrov

05.06.06 PREVIEW:G8 To Discuss Oil, Imbalances;Talks May Hurt Dlr

05.06.06 Brown calls for globalisation debate at G8 talks

05.06.06 G-8 Finance Ministers to Agree to Promote Financial Education

05.06.06 Russia was and remains reliable gas supplier – Dutch minister

04.06.06 Putin - The West Limitations On Russia Access To Hi Tech Are Outdated

03.06.06 Konstantinovsky Palace hosts science ministers’ meeting

01.06.06 Education for All: Test for G8

31.05.06 The International NGOs Forum will be held in Moscow on the eve of the G8 Summit

31.05.06 Ella Pamfilova: About 500 Russian and Foreign NGOs will come to Moscow in July, on the eve of the G8 summit

31.05.06 The Energy Effectiveness will be one of the priority issues at the G8 summit

31.05.06 The International NGOs Forum in Moscow will formulate proposals for the G8 summit agenda in 2007

30.05.06 What does “Magnificent Eight” dream of?

30.05.06 The meeting of G9 Ministers of education will be held in Moscow

29.05.06 The Science Ministers of G8 to discuss criteria of professional education evaluation.

29.05.06 PACE Head Rene van der Linden: “Europe should be more patient”

29.05.06 Forum “Great Rivers”

27.05.06 Blair reveals plan to shake up way the world is run

27.05.06 New UN-backed alliance seeks to reverse worldwide doctor, health worker shortage

27.05.06 Russia seeks more efficient economic assistance to Africa

27.05.06 G8 finance ministers to focus on energy in poor countries

26.05.06 G8 summit to discuss oil price rises - Gref

26.05.06 Russia-EU summit to focus on four common spaces

24.05.06 Education boost for African states

24.05.06 Annan urged to give priority to fight against AIDS

24.05.06 G8 health ministers discuss preparations for bird flu conference

24.05.06 Britain to press fellow G8 countries to boost education aid

24.05.06 Global Aids Week of Action observed

24.05.06 Annan calls on G8 summit to liberalize trade and ensure energy security

23.05.06 Africa stages development forum

23.05.06 Russia urges oil exporters to aid states affected by oil price hikes - Kudrin

23.05.06 Germany says role of Russian state is topic for G8

23.05.06 G8 leaders urged to take lead in TB battle

23.05.06 Brown urges G8 into action over agricultural subsidies

22.05.06 African countries set for aid package for education

22.05.06 G8 health ministers discuss preparations for bird flu conference

22.05.06 Russia to present new anti-HIV vaccine centre at G8 summit

22.05.06 WHO session discusses fight against infectious diseases

21.05.06 Brazil for WTO meeting on sidelines of G8

21.05.06 Still optimistic, but no sleep until G8 promises fulfilled

21.05.06 African leaders strategise on MDGs

21.05.06 Education in globalized world

21.05.06 Russian government to set up HIV|AIDS committee

21.05.06 Russia proposes new energy security concept

21.05.06 1st Conference on AIDS in Eastern Europe and Central Asia opening in Moscow

21.05.06 Russia back to Middle East with new potential – Kudrin.

20.05.06 Russia : summit set to tackle energy and future ties

20.05.06 We can't solve poverty until we stop climate change

20.05.06 The Russian presidential chief of staff met

20.05.06 Putin’s aide, British officials discuss forthcoming G8 summit

20.05.06 Energy security requires better consumer-producer 'balance': Russia

20.05.06 Chirac to ask Putin to invite NEPAD to G8 summit

20.05.06 World Bank Seeks New Crops in Global Warming Fight

20.05.06 West's failure over climate change "will kill 182 mln Africans"

20.05.06 Turning the Tide: HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

20.05.06 The Leaders of G8DS to discuss economic cooperation

19.05.06 Vaccine alert for developing countries.

19.05.06 Call to double AIDS vaccine funding

19.05.06 WHO to request $30 bln to combat TB at G8 summit - official

19.05.06 G8 sherpas meet in Moscow to discuss July summit

19.05.06 Conference in Abudja

19.05.06 Developing world's leaders to meet at G8 summit

19.05.06 Russia stable energy partner - Putin aide

19.05.06 Russia shares West values but defends its stance - Putin aide

19.05.06 Russia to propose a new center for HIV/AIDS vaccine at G8 summit

19.05.06 Putin discusses G8 summit with british PM

19.05.06 African growth prospects improve

18.05.06 The Russian and International NGOs visited the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan

18.05.06 The “Civil G8 – 2006” met in Kazan

12.05.06 World Jewish Congress Delegation Meets with Leader of Russia's Muslim Community; Grand Mufti Stresses Importance of Dialogue

12.05.06 We can still win the war on Aids

12.05.06 Earth Negotiations Bulletin

11.05.06 President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Annual Address to the Federal Assembly

11.05.06 'Sub-Saharan Africa outlook up'

11.05.06 Russia's road to democracy

11.05.06 Russia seeks to increase energy resources

11.05.06 Fact sheet: The United States and international development - Partnering for growth

10.05.06 Launch of the 'Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change' Book in the US

10.05.06 Energy security critical for development

10.05.06 Africa to benefit as world shifts from petrol to biofuels

10.05.06 Climate Change Drives Disease To New Territory

10.05.06 What cost climate change?

10.05.06 Tax would aid mental health system

06.05.06 Africa review governance programme moving slowly

06.05.06 U.S. Hosts Western Hemisphere Anti-Corruption Meeting in Miami


05.05.06 400 million face famine as pollution pushes up temperatures

05.05.06 State's Shiner Visits Moscow in Preparation for G8 Summit

05.05.06 Africa "peer review" governance plan moving slowly

05.05.06 Flex Fuel Gets the Go Ahead, Here and Abroad

05.05.06 Europe piles up ECT pressure in the run-up to G8 summit

04.05.06 Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin: Russia may declassify some oil deposits within 2-3 years

04.05.06 G8 Health Ministers Array Their Forces for Bird Flu Battle

04.05.06 Turning Dirty Coal into Clean Energy

04.05.06 World Bank urges economic growth with clean energy

03.05.06 PanAfrica: Japan And Africa's Development

03.05.06 NEGP requires exceptions from EU directives-Medvedev

03.05.06 G8 ministers coordinate combat against bird flu

03.05.06 Human bird flu vaccine can be ready in month - Russian minister

02.05.06 Soaring Fear over Bird Flu Pandemic

01.05.06 Nigeria : Vmobile forges partnerships to fight Malaria, AIDS, TB

01.05.06 Vatican, Moscow patriarchate join to preserve Europe's future

01.05.06 Fourteenth Session of the Commission on Sustainable Development, 1-12 may 2006

30.04.06 Canadian Health Minister Clement Notes Progress At G8 Health Ministers Meeting

29.04.06 G8: Greater efforts to prepare

29.04.06 World In Bad Shape To Confront Flu Pandemic, Un Health Chief Warns

29.04.06 Southern Africa: How Will Russia's G8 Presidency Affect Africa?

29.04.06 On the 28 of April 2006 in the framework of "Civil G8-2006" was held the first Moscow African Forum: "African diasporas in Moscow: problems and prospects"

28.04.06 Flu pandemic would peak in UK within four months

28.04.06 Iran not on G8 summit agenda so far

28.04.06 Gorbachev Urges G8 to Back Solar Power, Not Oil or Nuclear

28.04.06 Kremlin aide talks up Russia as reliable energy partner

28.04.06 Vladimir Putin: There is no country, which remains indifferent to the question of nuclear energy development

28.04.06 Interview with Minister of Industry and Energy Viktor Khristenko on the Upcoming G8 Summit

28.04.06 Health minister urges international action to prevent pandemics

27.04.06 President Gorbachev Marks 20th Anniversary of Chernobyl with Call to G8 Leaders for $50 Billion Global Solar Fund, Reduced Subsidies to Fossil Fuel and Nuclear Industries

27.04.06 Putin, Merkel to continue consultations on Thursday

27.04.06 WHO director general to visit Russia

27.04.06 Gazprom not seeking world monopoly - Kremlin aide

27.04.06 High oil prices harm Russian economy - presidential aide

27.04.06 Russia would ratify amended Energy Charter Treaty - Kremlin aide

27.04.06 Activists fret as flagship AIDS fund weighs future

27.04.06 Russia shares G8 partners' values - Putin aide

26.04.06 Viktor Khristenko. Possibilities of energy dialogue

26.04.06 Russia builds resource alliances with Africa

26.04.06 14m Teachers Needes to Meet Global Education Goal

26.04.06 Russian economic forums should be held in Russia–president’s aide

26.04.06 Putin calls for action to avert population crisis

26.04.06 Leaders of states to discuss Iranian problem, Tomsk authorities to offer investment projects at Russian-German summit in Tomsk

26.04.06 Putin Denounces 'Unfair Competition" On Energy Markets

26.04.06 Russia: More Effort Needed To Stem Infectious Diseases

25.04.06 M. Kamynin. Interview in view of Russian-German intergovernmental consultations

25.04.06 Dmitry Medvedev. Raising Living Standards for the Russian

25.04.06 World Bank asked to fund clean energy in South

25.04.06 Fight Against AIDS, TB and Malaria Could Lose Momentum; In Geneva, Global Fund's Board Making Critical Choices this Week

25.04.06 Analysis: A Research Revolution

25.04.06 All G8 States help Russia to Prepare the G8 Summit in St Petersburg

25.04.06 An Ecological Activist from Krasnodar: Russia can become the biggest nuclear waste materials dump

25.04.06 Alexis II Calls to Unit for the Dialogue of Civilization

24.04.06 World Bank: Over 150 billion cubic meters of gas flared annually; Equivalent of the combined annual gas consumption of Germany and France

24.04.06 Round Table Discussion “Intellectual Property Protection in Russian Film Industry”

23.04.06 Chancellor seeks world summit to rescue deadlocked trade talks

23.04.06 Intl experts to discuss ways to combat infectious diseases in Moscow

23.04.06 Sub-Saharan Africa lags in progress towards MDGs

23.04.06 Energy, environment on the table at economic conference

22.04.06 EEC countries agree energy strategy tasks

22.04.06 Russia wants anti-drug belt to be created around Afghanistan

22.04.06 World Economic Powers Approve IMF Reform

22.04.06 RPT - G7 MEETING Officials call on IMF to step up exchange rate monitoring

21.04.06 Search for clean energy puts climate change on agenda

21.04.06 City To Test New HIV Program

21.04.06 ActionAid International Comments on the IMF and World Bank Spring Meetings

21.04.06 G8 'powerless' in face of oil shocks

21.04.06 Leaked plan: G8 Seeks to Promote "Trillions" of Dollars of Investment in Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Energy

21.04.06 The civil society creates “Civil G8”

21.04.06 Ella Pamfilova: Rumors about Russian civil society decease are overestimated

21.04.06 Meeting 21st century challenges together

21.04.06 Putin calls for "long term strategy" to fight AIDS in Russia

21.04.06 Kudrin speaks on Russian delegation's tasks at IMF session

20.04.06 Peters meets Russian counterpart in Moscow

20.04.06 African states 'must earn aid'

20.04.06 Russia to host world religions summit in July - patriarch

20.04.06 Brown urges global green solution

20.04.06 PanAfrica: World Bank's Climate Plan Fails to Show the Right Path

20.04.06 Iran, Iraq on agenda of G8 foreign ministers' session

20.04.06 World on track to halve poverty rate by 2015 but Africa lags well behind: report

20.04.06 Press Conference with Anatily Safonov, Presidential Special Representative for International Cooperation in the Fight against Terrorism and Transnational Organized Crime

20.04.06 Study Reveals How an Influenza Epidemic Travels

19.04.06 Brown to press case for clean energy research

19.04.06 Fuel-price misery as oil hits record high and £1 litre edges ever nearer

19.04.06 Russia's Long Journey to the G8 Presidency

19.04.06 State's Burns Visits Moscow To Discuss Iran, Upcoming G8 Summit

19.04.06 Russia G8 envoy for global education system restructuring

19.04.06 Int forum in RF Academy of Sciences discusses bird flu prevention

18.04.06 The inventor of perestroika sets his sights on a greener world

18.04.06 Brown's battle to save the planet

18.04.06 Russian peacekeepers will leave for Sudan this week

18.04.06 Global Energy Security: IEF Perspectives

18.04.06 Russia seeking G8 help for CIS members in fight against bird flu

18.04.06 G8 summit to be dominated by education, energy security - Putin's aide

18.04.06 Financial G7-Russia meeting to be held in usual regime-official

17.04.06 Tough questions on future power

17.04.06 'Doing nothing isn't an option - Britain's in the mood to go green'

17.04.06 Energy security cannot be a bargaining chip at the July G8 summit in St Petersburg : Russian Industry and Energy Minister Viktor Khristenko

17.04.06 WTO accession only if conditions are favourable for Russia

17.04.06 G8 political directors to discuss sanctions against Iran in Moscow

17.04.06 Krasnodar NGOs Participate in Discussing the G8 Summit Agenda Issues

17.04.06 G8 Priorities

17.04.06 Russia is prepared to help not only the poor but also the rich Russia is going to increase aid to the poorest countries of the world

16.04.06 G7 powers to meet as oil prices smash new highs

14.04.06 Caught between global warming and an energy crisis, Blair looks north for answers

14.04.06 Nuclear power is not energy solution, say MPs

14.04.06 Vaccines may save one in 10 cancer victims, say scientists

14.04.06 Student G8 Mirrors Upcoming July Summit

14.04.06 Putin outlines Russia's goals for G8 presidency

14.04.06 Russia not to give up its econ interests in WTO talks - aide

13.04.06 A. Fursenko. The future of the country depends on the education

13.04.06 'Carbon tax' to compensate for G8 presidency aviation

13.04.06 G8 To Boost Funding For Vaccines

13.04.06 Political Tiddlywinks and Global Ecocide

13.04.06 We proceed with forming proposals of Civil G8 participants on education issues that will be transmitted to G8 leaders

13.04.06 World Bank Climate Plan Looks to South

13.04.06 Calls for G8 debt relief to come into effect

13.04.06 Breaking the Back of the Pandemic

13.04.06 Russia's chief doctor wants infectious diseases high on G8 agenda

13.04.06 Evseev, Gussev. G8 and Russian business: the perspectives

13.04.06 The Civic Mission of the Schools: What Constitutes an Effective Civic Education?

13.04.06 Political Education Beyond National Borders

13.04.06 Advancing Peace and Stability through Active Citizenship: The Role of Civic Education

13.04.06 Education for informed, effective and committed democratic citizenship

13.04.06 Affirmative Integration of Immigrants – Developing a New Approach Towards Multiculturalism

13.04.06 Teaching Democracy Globally, Internationally, and Comparatively: The 21st-Century Civic Mission of Schools

13.04.06 Democratic School Participation and Civic Attitudes among European Adolescents: Analysis of Data from the IEA Civic Education Study

13.04.06 Comparative Indicators of Education in the United States and Other G8 Countries: 2004

13.04.06 Democratic Schools – the educational answer to the 21st century

13.04.06 Democracy begins at school. A new world trend in education

13.04.06 Exporters and importers of energy resources will debate industry issues at the Russian Economic Forum in London An interview with Mikhail Margelov, Federation Council international affairs committee chairman

12.04.06 Q&A: Bird flu

12.04.06 WTO forecasts slowdown in global commerce

12.04.06 'G8 debt cancellation should be broadened'

12.04.06 Russia Publishes WMD List

12.04.06 Putin discusses message to FA with Duma factions

12.04.06 Debt Relief - the Hope of the Poor

12.04.06 Poverty Has Replaced Iron Curtain - Collins

12.04.06 RF top G8 adviser to arrive in US for discussions on G8 summit

12.04.06 Russia Lists Foreign Companies Involved in Military Programmes

12.04.06 Russia to hold 64 international functions in 2006 – Russian sherpa

12.04.06 A sign of Russia's commitment to WMD non-proliferation efforts

12.04.06 Andrei Bokarev An interview with Finance Ministry official Andrei Bokarev

11.04.06 Russia, Canada G8 sherpas discuss upcoming summit

11.04.06 Mandela tells the children of Britain: Help us to change the world

11.04.06 Africa launches education campaign

11.04.06 Mozambique: Brown Meets With Donors

11.04.06 Ivanov: Russia to prepare non-proliferation report by G8 summit

11.04.06 Sustainable Livelihoods

11.04.06 A programme for the Sustainable Development of the European Union

10.04.06 Chancellor pledges record UK aid package

10.04.06 Gordon Brown: How your 2p can send 100 million children to school

10.04.06 World Bank approves $37 billion in debt relief

09.04.06 April 10th at 14h00 EST. Webcast G8 2006: Russia's and Canada's Objectives for the St. Petersburg Summit with Igor Shuvalov, Russia's sherpa, and Peter Harder, Canada's sherpa

09.04.06 Russian sherpa to pay working visit to Ottawa

08.04.06 The Declaration of Youth Summit — 2006

07.04.06 Critical shortage of doctors in developing world - WHO

07.04.06 PanAfrica: Global Access to HIV Therapy Tripled in Two Years, UNAIDS Says

07.04.06 Russia to promote international development

07.04.06 South Africa: Children join forces with Mandela

07.04.06 G8-style youth forum brings education to attention of world leaders

07.04.06 Putin, Chirac discuss ties, preparations for G8 summit

06.04.06 Eco-friendly transport: The greener way to get around

06.04.06 Kiriyenko's plans, home and away

06.04.06 Africa urged to reap its alternative energy

06.04.06 Carbon Dioxide - Developing oxyfuel capture as a retrofit technology

06.04.06 Japan, Russia to fix Koizumi-Putin talks at G8 summit

05.04.06 Finns blaze nuclear trail

05.04.06 Vladimir Kozhin: G8 summit will be organized perfectly

05.04.06 Poverty Reduction, Jobs Key for Latin America, Official Says

05.04.06 The Road to Energy Independence

05.04.06 Putin invites Brazilian president to attend G8 summit

05.04.06 (EU) PES/EP/ENERGY/ENVIRONMENT: Party of European Socialists to launch initiative on energy and climate change

04.04.06 Minister forecasts 2030 eastern gas production at 150 bln cu m

04.04.06 The Youth G8 Summit will be held in St Petersburg

04.04.06 G8 implementation seminar begins in Moscow

04.04.06 Biotechnology; Expanding biotechnology research in developing countries key to countering bioterrorism

04.04.06 OECD ministers give verbal push for help on climate impact

03.04.06 ZAMBIA: Govt cautious about spending debt savings

03.04.06 Going green at home won't save the planet

03.04.06 Development Policy in the Twenty-First Century: Beyond the Post- Washington Consensus

03.04.06 Anatoly Antonov. Nonproliferation: a priority of Russia's G8 Presidency

03.04.06 April, 22 Russian Educational Association Congress

03.04.06 Accentuate the positive, spare us the catastrophes: Last year TV focused more than ever on the developing world. But a report out today says it is still failing to change people's attitudes

03.04.06 Environment 'key to aid policy'

03.04.06 Boston College: COMMENTARY: The first step in feeding a hungry world

31.03.06 British minister backs Russia's future in G8

31.03.06 Russia says it will propose new counter-terrorism measures to G8

31.03.06 Universities of G8 states, China to pool research effort in energy security

31.03.06 Russian Air Force Commander-in-Chief: the G8 summit will take the decision about using Russian military transport planes in the interests of NATO

30.03.06 Climate deal to fail without US, China and India: Blair

30.03.06 Putin Says U.S. Is Stalling Over WTO

30.03.06 How the World is Failing Africa

30.03.06 Ending poverty

30.03.06 Why the World Should Trust Russia’s Energy Policy

30.03.06 Foreign Ministry warns of serious threat to Russia from bird flu

30.03.06 The G8 Universities to meet in MGU (Moscow State University)

30.03.06 Russia to propose new antiterrorist initiatives within the framework of G8

30.03.06 The transmission of BBC’ Question Time will be broadcasted from Moscow

30.03.06 Tatyana Monegen. And you, do you take care of the national security and public health?

30.03.06 Russia says it will propose new counter-terrorism measures to G8

30.03.06 President Putin tells business executives to become teachers President Putin meets with business leaders

30.03.06 World Bank Approves Debt Relief for 17 Countries from July 2006

30.03.06 G8 university officials meet in Moscow Thursday

30.03.06 Student exchanges between G8 universities to double by 2010

30.03.06 INTERVIEW-Oil investment restrictions hinder G8 planning

29.03.06 AIDS program saving thousands: UN

29.03.06 Blair: "Save the planet!"

29.03.06 Keep heat on govts over climate - Blair

29.03.06 Government accused of pitiful failure to meet target for greenhouse gas emissions

28.03.06 Russia cannot fit Japanese premier visit into Putin's schedule

28.03.06 World Bank agrees on 37-billion-dollar debt relief plan

28.03.06 Most EU leaders back reviving nuclear power

28.03.06 Global access to HIV therapy tripled in past two years, but significant challenges remain

28.03.06 Egeland asks G8 leaders to keep their vows

27.03.06 Putin Pushes Education, a G8 Priority

27.03.06 Prevention of pollution of the planet Earth cheaper than cleanup – G8 experts

27.03.06 Sweden Plans Wood-fueled Future

27.03.06 Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Council of Sages invited all interested parties to solve the problem of peace agreement with Japan on the base of national interests and international law

25.03.06 President Putin: education will be among the topics of the G8 Summit in St. Petersburg

25.03.06 There is more than one way to meet the world's fuel challenge Co-operation, efficiency and democracy are the keys, believes Douglas Alexander

25.03.06 Common energy policy for Europe takes on board most proposals in Green Paper on Energy

25.03.06 Energy security moves to centre stage in global politics

24.03.06 Russian Officials Invited the WHO Director to participate in the G8 summit

24.03.06 April, 3. The Youth G8: Forming Global Responsibility

24.03.06 Putin gives China energy boost

24.03.06 Poverty campaigners set for summit

23.03.06 Recommendations for G8 summit on the reducing the energy influence to the environment to be worked out in Moscow

23.03.06 1. 4bn pounds for schools in poorest nations

23.03.06 Water crisis is now 'one of the greatest causes of mass suffering'

23.03.06 8 regulatory service chiefs seek to abate energy impact

23.03.06 Energy Green Paper : Six Priorities For The Eu's Future Energy Policy

23.03.06 Putin invites Hu to G8 summit as Russia takes up presidency

22.03.06 Moscow and Beijing agree to deepen energy co-operation

22.03.06 The meeting of the “Ecological G8” will be held in Moscow in March, 23-24

22.03.06 Moscow to host MOGIF'2006 International oil-&-gas-&-energy fair

21.03.06 Igor Shuvalov: G8 should create special groups responsible for emergency situations

21.03.06 The 7th All Russia Conference on Energy Savings Issues starts its work in Sverdlovsk Region

21.03.06 Chinese leader invited for G8 2006 summit in St Petersburg

20.03.06 The civil education

20.03.06 Charity urges donor action as Aids leaves 9m African children without mothers

20.03.06 India Seeks Closer Ties With Russia

20.03.06 Leaked plan: G8 Seeks to Promote "Trillions" of Dollars of Investment in Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Energy

20.03.06 The Ecological Organizations to open a website on the Evian Influenza Issues

20.03.06 Discussing education problems would be a good start

20.03.06 A Round Table Discussion “Global Energy Security and Renewable Sources of Energy for Russia, G8 and the World” will be Held in Moscow On the 22 of March

19.03.06 Recommendations worked out by the “roundtable” on energy security in the framework of the International Civil Forum “Civil G8 – 2006” were transmitted to the Russian Industry and Energy Minister Viktor Khristenko

19.03.06 Senior Russian officials, pundits discuss energy security

18.03.06 Rice sees no reason for 'excluding' Russia from G8

18.03.06 Commentaries of M.Kamynin, the Russian MID official representative, on the Mass Media concern about the problem of traffic-in-persons counteraction in Russia.

18.03.06 G8 Project is a Major Boost

17.03.06 Russia urged to open up its gas pipelines

17.03.06 All of the European countries are celebrating the Week against racism

17.03.06 Putin to discuss new Russia-EU agreement, energy with EC head

17.03.06 NGOs Try To Advise G8 States

17.03.06 At the meeting with the Energy ministers, Putin supported the Third World countries’ access to the nuclear power technologies

17.03.06 Energy market: guarantees against unpredictability

16.03.06 PONARS – Making Scholarship Accessible

16.03.06 G8 search for consensus on energy security

16.03.06 Gazprom accuses EU of 'double standards' and naivety

16.03.06 Vladimir Putin's speech at Meeting with the G8 Energy Ministers

16.03.06 High oil prices affect poor countries, world economy — minister

16.03.06 Energy efficiency key to controlling demand — minister.

16.03.06 G8 summit to adopt agreement on global energy security — minister.

16.03.06 Favorable climate, sensible policy crucial for energy investment — Khristenko

16.03.06 Western analysts are quite complimentary about Russia and its chances

16.03.06 Russia drafts concrete initiatives on energy for G8 summit — Putin

16.03.06 G8 should help developing countries in energy sphere — Putin.

16.03.06 Putin says energy production must not harm environment

15.03.06 Japan considers the topic of Energy Security, suggested by Russia for 2006 year G8 Summit, very important.

15.03.06 World Monetary Fund is preoccupied with the possibility of the bird’s flu pandemic and its consequences for the world economy

15.03.06 G8 draft seeks more nuclear power use

15.03.06 G8 Energy Ministers Convene for Talks

15.03.06 U.S. Officials in Moscow Say Free Market Can Cut High Fuel Costs

15.03.06 The Russian-British Working Group Session on Terrorism

15.03.06 Veliky Novgorod holds the conference on the terrorism counteractions

15.03.06 G8 leaders eye int’l centers for nuclear fuel cycle

15.03.06 US’ Bodman meets Russian officials to discuss energy security

15.03.06 Khristenko stakes on state agreements on energy market

15.03.06 G8 leaders eye int’l centers for nuclear fuel cycle

14.03.06 The Energy Ministers of G8 states will discuss issues of the global energy security – Victor Khristenko

14.03.06 Russia to exchange Soviet debt tranche by G8 summit — bank

14.03.06 Russia May Join WTO by May 2006

14.03.06 Benefits of investing in Russia far outweigh risks, declares minister

13.03.06 The Group of Eight discusses in Moscow the energy security questions

13.03.06 Russian NGOs should play bigger role on world stage — foreign minister

13.03.06 Emerging markets will overtake G7, study finds

13.03.06 Two perspectives on Russia’s role in energy security

13.03.06 US seeks ‘coordinated’ nuclear plan with Russia: Lavrov

12.03.06 Education as system of standards

12.03.06 Education that is not for all

12.03.06 Global rate rises: different dynamics, but same effects

11.03.06 NGOs work out recommendations for G-8 summit

11.03.06 Give Africans the BlackBerry -- and they will do the job

11.03.06 NGOs International Forum in Moscow

11.03.06 Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia hopes that the G8 Summit will help to solve the problems that humanity has to face

11.03.06 Pledges on Africa not being met, says leading aid agency

11.03.06 Pressure builds to cut price of HIV medicine

10.03.06 International Forum of Non-governmental Organizations Civil G8. Photoreport

10.03.06 Business community should be involved into the education process

10.03.06 Not Enough Done To Help Africa, Says Oxfam

10.03.06 The International Forum “Civil G8-2006”. Health working group meeting on the “Infectious disease control”. Short reporting.

10.03.06 Education is the key

10.03.06 The International Forum “Civil G8-2006”. The Round table discussion on the problems of Education, 9-10th of March. Short reporting.

10.03.06 Civil G8 2006 offers recommendations on G8 summit agenda

10.03.06 G8 Sherpas Hear From NGOs

09.03.06 Social integration, dialogue of civilizations among top priorities of Russian NGOs – Pamfilova

09.03.06 Russia’s G8 Presidency organizers praise sherps, NGOs

09.03.06 NGO representatives meet in Moscow to draft proposals for G8 summit

09.03.06 Regular Working Meeting of G8 Sherps in Moscow

09.03.06 Social integration, dialogue of civilizations among top priorities of Russian NGOs – Pamfilova

09.03.06 Russia’s G8 Presidency organizers praise sherps, NGOs

09.03.06 Russia’s G8 topics top priority for all countries - Shuvalov

09.03.06 Energy NGOs warn of nuclear power 'catastrophe' threat

07.03.06 Putin signed the “Terrorism Counteraction” law

07.03.06 US Officials Hope the Bilateral Negotiations about Russia’s membership in WTO will end before 2006 G8 Summit in St Petersburg.

06.03.06 Press Conference on the “Bird’s flu: the forecast of the virus spread in Russia and its possible consequences”

06.03.06 Khristenko, the head of the Industry and Energy Ministry, RF, said “the next week will have the Energy badge”

04.03.06 Man’s intervention into ecosystem would save us from bird’s flu

02.03.06 The Upcoming G8 Summit in St. Petersburg: Challenges, Opportunities, and Responsibility By Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation

02.03.06 G8 to G9: a formula for democracy

01.03.06 Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin wrote an article about G8

01.03.06 Valentina Matveenko assured of the adequate level of this year G8 Summit in St Petersburg

01.03.06 Seminar in the framework of the project “Formulation of the effective education promotion net to provide for the steady development in Russia”

01.03.06 Russian President Putin Calls the G8 to Fight the Bird Flu Together

01.03.06 The accreditation of journalists covering G8 July summit in St Petersburg

01.03.06 President Putin shares G8 plans

28.02.06 Russia’s Technical Inspectors’ Group suggests forming International Nuclear Power Activities License Centre

28.02.06 Paris holds a conference on the poverty reduction

28.02.06 Putin calls for international ‘energy security system’

28.02.06 Russian regulatory chief outlines proposals for Moscow nuclear conference

27.02.06 Russian Regional NGOs

27.02.06 RF Government creates an office for bird flu control

27.02.06 Meeting of the G8 Managers' group on non-proliferation

27.02.06 Bioethics report urges G8 to be aware of bio-tech terrorist threats

27.02.06 Nonproliferation discussed at G8 officials’ meeting in Moscow

26.02.06 Russia hosts international nuclear safety conference

26.02.06 Russia to welcome religious leaders ahead of G8 summit - Lavrov

25.02.06 How School Choice Programs Can Save Money

23.02.06 Putin hails proposal for religious leaders' meeting

22.02.06 The Educational Policy in Russia: Problems and Perspectives

21.02.06 The G8 Political Directors to discuss a complex of issues concerning the G8 summit agenda

17.02.06 US State Secretary Deputy: The energy problems must be one of the key issues within the framework of the coming G8 summit in St Petersburg

16.02.06 NGOs to work out recommendations for G8 summit

15.02.06 The professional education's modern level, actuality and quality will be discussed within the framework of G8 in 2006

14.02.06 US Finance Ministry has highly appreciated the G8 finance ministers meeting in Moscow

13.02.06 The russian president Vladimir Putin met G8 finance ministers in Moscow

12.02.06 G8 - first forecasts for 2006

11.02.06 The G8 has to adopt a plan of foghting the bird flu

11.02.06 "The Financial G8" appreciates the Anti-shock Foundation of IMF

11.02.06 The Finance Ministers of the G8 countries appreciate the Russia's decision to sink Russian debts to the Paris Club in advance

11.02.06 The Russian President says Russia as the country presiding G8 will implement the policy aimed at facilitation of the poorest countries' debt loads.

08.02.06 Russia intends to use its presidency in G8-2006 to strengthen its struggle against world terrorism

08.02.06 Foreign Media: Extinction of debts strengthens Russian positions in G8

07.02.06 Moscow is being prepared for Gm summit in St Petersburg

06.02.06 Within the framework of the G8 summit Russia will present its report on the situation on non-proliferation of weapon of mass annihilation

06.02.06 One of the priorities of Russian Presidency in G8 - 2006 will be solving Iran's nuclear problem

03.02.06 Transcript of Remarks by Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov at Meeting with Representatives of Russian NGOs Associated with Foreign Policy Activities

19.01.06 A. Makarenko. The problems of Africa

20.12.05 Pamfilova hopes that the NGO bill will be completed by the second reading in the State Duma

28.10.05 Victor Sadovnichy: "I suggest to introduce into practice educational credits at the state level"

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