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At the meeting with the Energy ministers, Putin supported the Third World countries’ access to the nuclear power technologies


On Thursday, Kremlin held the meeting of President Putin and the G8 countries’ Energy ministers.

G8 countries’ Energy ministers had a two day meeting in Moscow where they discussed the question of global energy security.

Summering the results of the meeting they adopted a communiqué, in which the ministers among other point suggested that oil and gas will remain the base of the world energy in XXI century.

“The ministers realize that the considerable world energy consumption growth is inevitable in XXI century, first of all in the dynamically developing economies”. Despite active new energy sources involvement into the energy balance, at least for the first half of the century organic fossil fuel will be the base of world energy”, the document says.

At the meeting in Kremlin, Vladimir Putin said that Russia believes in a good perspective of its initiative to create an International Net of Enriched Uranium Centers. According to Putin “the realization of this idea will not only contribute to the “energy poverty” solution but will strengthen the regime of the nuclear technologies non-proliferation”.

“The formation of the equal and nondiscriminative access to the nuclear technologies is of the same importance”, -Putin pointed out. He said the peaceful nuclear energy alternative should be available for other countries, including the developing ones”, INREFAX reports.

Putin mentioned that Russia is going to increase the Nuclear Power Stations’ output percentage by 20% during the first stage. He believes that Governmetn is obliged to react to the situation at the energy market and actively participate in creation of the technological grounds for the future energy, for instance, thermonuclear”.

“Without the adequate regulations on behalf of the International Organizations, this question can not be solved on the regional level”, - Putin added.

Russia prepares concrete initiatives on the “energy poverty” reduction for the G8 Summit.

Vladimir Putin also said that Russia plans to present G8 Summit in St Petersburg concrete initiatives on the “energy poverty” reduction, as well as on energy supply diversification and security.

President said: “Russia is for the consolidation of the World Community efforts for the solitary decisions on a number of problems”, which are providing world economy with the traditional kinds of fuel on the conditions favorable for countries-suppliers as well as consumers, “energy poverty” reduction, energy supply diversification and security, including terrorist counteraction.

“We are going to present concrete initiatives and suggestions on all of these problems at the Summit in St. Petersburg. And we will be ready to fully participate in their realization, including financial support on the part of our companies and ,if necessary, the Government participation”, - Putin claimed.
President again stressed the prime importance of shared view on the global energy security threats and urged to use this view as a base for the further development of the most effective approaches and successfully deal with the present problems. Among the prime tasks Putin also mentioned development of the nuclear power, energy savings, searching for the break-through technologies, perspective and ecologically clean energy sources, INTERFAX reports.

Besides that, Putin claimed that one of the clues to the global energy security is a fair risk distribution among energy producers, transit participants and consumers. “Energy market should be secured from any kind of abruptness, and the level of the investment risks should be lower. In other words, the measures, proving the supplies’ reliability, should be consequently supported by the actions, providing the steady demand”, Putin said.

For that, the proper instruments should be developed, in particular, long-term contracts between producers and consumers”, Russia’s President pointed out. He believes that this practice takes into consideration the specific type of the energy project investments and long terms of their profitability. It also creates preconditions to coordinate efforts of prospecting and mastering new fields and new technologies’ implementation.

“I believe that the mutually beneficial asserts’ exchange between the companies can play the crucial role in the risk sharing. This is one of the instruments to provide steady optimization of the global energy supply. We are making first steps. We already cooperate with Germany and open to work in this direction with other countries’ companies”, - Putin pointed out.
Vladimir Putin is sure that G8 countries are able to provide developing countries with essential help in new and accessible energy sources introduction.

He also mentioned that energy itself cannot solve the poverty problem. But the lack of energy sources hinders economical development and their irrational use can result in an global ecological catastrophe. “We are able to help developing countries to implement effective and accessible for them energy sources, including renewable sources”, - Putin sauid.

Putin summons to make energy effective and ecologically responsible.

RF President drew G* ministers’ attention to the necessity to secure ways of getting energy from the hydrocarbon sources. “According to experts’ assessment, by 2030 80% of global energy demand will be met by the hydrocarbon”, Putin claimed.

He stressed that it does not deal only with the efficiency increase in the hydrocarbon extraction and transportation, but also with getting energy from the non-traditional hydrocarbon sources in ecologically safe ways. “We need to make hydrocarbon energy efficient, innovative and ecologically responsible”, Putin stressed.

He holds opinion that the increase in the processed hydrocarbon wastes percentage in the world energy trade maybe promising. “It may give extra flexibility and stability in the globhal energy supply system”, Putin says.

Russia’s leader mentioned that in addition to that it is important to develop the energy production out of the alternative and renewable sources, primarily on the base of new technologies. One of the tasks is to improve the “demand structure”.

He believes that the increase of the energy efficiency will diminish the risk of the gap between energy demand and supply. He also mentioned that ecology is inseparable part of energy security program as we all know that consumer like attitude towards nature leads to a deadlock.

Putin suggests unifying working standards for the companies in different countries

Putin suggests unify standards of work for the foreign countries, working at the markets of the countries, involved into energy transitions. “It is essential to provide non-discriminative access to the information on energy consumption and consumers, on the planes and prognosis in this sphere”.

He mentioned that the transparency and predictability of the offer should be adequate to the openness and predictability of the energy demand. “It dies not contradict our basic statement – energy security is based on the effective global and regional energy markets”, Putin says.

He believes that the market will regulate the ratio between forms of contracts. Government can get involved only if the dominance of one of these forms hinders the work of the market”, Petin suggests.

Putin hopes that the RF energy projects will contribute to the global energy security.

President RF hopes that world energy market will soon feel the positive effects from the realization of the RF energy projects. “Russian companies are already carrying out the projects, having a strategic meaning for the strengthening of the global energy security”, President Putin said at the ministers’ meeting.

Putin said that for the coming months RF State Duma will consider and “I hope, will adopt the important law projects on the fossil extraction taxes, new rules of Earth interiors’ usage, including the conditions for the foreign investments participation. According to Putin, this law projects are to make the conditions for the energy business in Russia most comfortable, transparent and predictable.

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