Civil G8 2006

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Participants of the NGOs final conference “Delivering the 2006 G8 agenda”

Russian Participants



Russian Participants

Alexander Auzan

National Project Institute - Social Contract

Lyudmila Alexeeva

Moscow Helsinki Group

Alexander Andreev

Regional Public Movement “Union of Progressive Youth in Samara Area”

Elena Bashun

Women’s Union of Russia

Ivan Blockov

Greenpeace Russia

Tatiana Burmistrova

NGO School Foundation, Professional Support of Civil Initiatives

Valentin Gefter

Human Rights Institute

Oleg Gizatullin

Open Technologies

Alexander Gorelik

UN Information Center in Moscow

Leonid Grigoriev

“Institute of Energy and Finances” Foundation

Anna Gromova

Institute of General History, Russian Academy of Science

Vladimir Dzhangirov

International Fuel and Energy Association

Yury Dzhibladze

Center for Democracy and Human Rights

Viacheslav Evseev

Russian Managers Association

Zhdanova Tatiana

MacArthur Foundation

Sviatoslav Zabelin

International Socio-Ecological Union

Vladimir Zakharov

Center for Russian Ecological Policy

Ilya Ilyin

Moscow State University, Students Council

Vitaly Kartamyshev

Oxfam GB, Office in Moscow

Aleksey Kokorin

WWF Russia

Vasiliy Komarov

International Innovational Energy Association “Energy of the Future”, “Center for high Intellectual Technologies”

Gagriel Kochofa

Association of Foreign Students in Russia

Georgy Komarov

Moscow State Institute of Stomatology, Department of Social Health and Care, Russian Health Association

Irina Leonova

Moscow center for Cooperation of state and civil structures “Social Partnership”

Anton Lopukhin

NGO “Association of young leaders”

Elena Matveeva

Moscow International Energy Club

Tatiana Monaghan

ICC-World Business Organization in Russia

Vladimir Nikitin

Non-commercial Partnership “Tver’ scientific Center for energy Effectiveness”

Alexandra Ochirova

International Women Center “Woman’s Future”

Ella Pamfilova

Civil Society Institutions and Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation, Chair, All-Russia Union of Public Associations “Civil Society for the Children of Russia”, Chair Presidium of the All-Russia Movement “Civil Worth”

Victoria Panova

G8 Research Group, University of Toronto

Maria Persilieva

NGO Perspective

Sergey Platov

International Human Rights Centre

Olga Pitsinova

Ecological Initiatives Promotion Centre (Saratov)

Olga Ponizova


Elena Sutormina

International Civil Foundation “The Russian Peace Foundation”

Sergey Talanov

“New Eurasia” Foundation

Elena Topoleva-Soldunova

Social Information Agency

Vladimir Fedosov

Federation for Peace and Conciliation

Igor Chestin

WWF Russia

Yury Cherches

International Foundation for Technologies and Investment

Natalia Chistiakova

NGO “Lebed” (Tyumen)

Valery Churilov

New Expert International Institute

Vladimir Tchuprov

Greenpeace Russia

Evgeny Shvartz


Natalia Yanul

International Foundation for Technologies and Investment

Expert opinion

Halter Marek


Halter Marek
Le College de France
Olivier Giscard d’Estaing


Olivier Giscard d’Estaing
COPAM, France
Mika Ohbayashi


Mika Ohbayashi
Institute for Sustainable Energy Poliñy
Bill Pace


Bill Pace
World Federalist Movement - Institute for Global Policy
Peter I. Hajnal


Peter I. Hajnal
Toronto University, G8 Research Group

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