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Preliminary Documents

International Forum of Non-Governmental Organizations Civil G8 2006. Announcement

On the eve of the G8 summit (Saint-Petersburg, July 15-17) the International Forum of Non-Governmental Organizations Civil G8 2006 will be held in Moscow in July, 3-4.

Forum is aimed at discussing problems of interest for the world community in view of the upcoming G8 summit in Saint-Petersburg, specifying positions formulated on the NGO March Forum, preparing proposals which could be taken into account while forming subsequent agendas of the following G8 summits.

Preliminary issues to discuss at the Forum round table discussions proposed by NGOs (July, 3-4, Moscow):
1. Global energy security: views on the future
2. Professional education: partnership and opportunities
3. Fight against HIV/AIDS: from grants to action
4. Realizing social and economic policy in the view to achieve sustainable development goals
5. Human rights
- NGOs and State: legislation and practice
- Fight against terrorism, internal armed conflicts and human rights
- Civil control on law-enforcement institutions (militia/police, penitentiary system)
- Migration, xenophobia, racial discrimination
6. Global security and interests of society
7. Ecology: problems and prospects of international cooperation in the sphere of biodiversity protection and opposition to the GMO expansion
8. Business and society: mechanisms of interaction


Other discussions are supposed to be organized:
during the plenary sessions the subject "Problems faced by civil society, interaction with state institutions on national and global level, as well as with the G8" will be discussed
a joint round table on social integration (second day of the Forum)

Tel.: +7 (495) 298-14-31, +7 (495) 606-49-14

Expert opinion

Halter Marek


Halter Marek
Le College de France
Olivier Giscard dEstaing


Olivier Giscard dEstaing
COPAM, France
Mika Ohbayashi


Mika Ohbayashi
Institute for Sustainable Energy Poliy
Bill Pace


Bill Pace
World Federalist Movement - Institute for Global Policy
Peter I. Hajnal


Peter I. Hajnal
Toronto University, G8 Research Group

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