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"Education". Recommendations of the Forum on the meeting of the heads of G8 countries in St. Petersburg in July 2006. July, 3-4

3-4 July 2006

We, the participants of the Civil G8, call on the leaders of the G8 countries to direct their nations resources and efforts toward modernisation and development of education based on the principle of development of inclusive education for all, which will benefit the goals of sustainable development of humankind under conditions of globalisation, conformance of education systems with the principles of human rights, promotion of civil education, and civilian participation in management of education.

Specifically, we call on them to emphasise the following in the resolutions of the 2006 Saint Petersburg summit:

Acknowledgement of education as a most important factor in ensuring global security, overcoming aggression, and achieving sustainable development.

Ensuring full realisation of peoples and childrens human rights to education, particularly for people with limited opportunities. This priority should be included in the programme for financing education development within the G8 framework, and in the programme of aid for developing countries.

Broadening public participation in education management, specifically through creation of self-governance committees including all interested civil society representatives.

Creation of legal mechanisms and favourable political and economic conditions for development of partnership between educational institutions, NGOs, the authorities, business, local communities and other interested groups.

Simplification of visa regimes for NGOs implementing programmes and projects in the areas of culture, the environment and education.

Support for programmes aimed at development of educational mobility for students, pupils, instructors and researchers.

Creation of a network of adaptation centres for migrants and victims of terrorism, local conflicts and war. Development of educational programmes of linguistic and professional training, taking into account regional specifics.

Development of distance learning, active use of new information and communications technology.

Maximum assistance should be provided for international collaboration and exchange of experience in the sphere of civilian participation in management and development of professional education.


Set up an international project, under G8 patronage, for development of professional education, including programmes for raising qualification levels of teachers and instructors.

Evaluate demand for specialists on the international labour market in different regions.

Assist in bringing educational standards and evaluation criteria closer together in professional education, including adult education.

Assist in development of institutes for independent public evaluation in the field of professional education.

Develop programmes for targeted financing of research, innovative projects, student exchange programmes, and cooperation between higher and secondary educational institutions, including civil society initiatives.

In order to overcome discrimination in the field of education, we call for development of unified approaches to inclusivity in the education system.

We call on the G8 leaders to create an international expert committee, acting in collaboration with civil society institutions with regard to problems in development of education, to make development of education a recurring issue for the G8 summit, and to examine results achieved in development of education in the current year at the 2007 summit in Germany.

Expert opinion

Halter Marek


Halter Marek
Le College de France
Olivier Giscard dEstaing


Olivier Giscard dEstaing
COPAM, France
Mika Ohbayashi


Mika Ohbayashi
Institute for Sustainable Energy Poliy
Bill Pace


Bill Pace
World Federalist Movement - Institute for Global Policy
Peter I. Hajnal


Peter I. Hajnal
Toronto University, G8 Research Group

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