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List of web-sites on Energy and Climat

List of web-sites on Energy and Climate

Sites of intergovernmental international organizations and official bodies
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Library of documents and decisions, news, data on CO2 emissions in different countries, official country reports on climate change, information of Kyoto Protocol and state of its ratification.
World Meteorological Organization. Wide range of documents and statistics on climate change, news, weather forecasts, links to recent publications
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). A global forum uniting hundreds of scientists dealing with climate change. Official reports, identification of climate changes and its reasons, forecasts, influence of climate change on environment.
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Educational documents on climate change and its influence on ecosystems. Library of publications.
World Health Organization (WHO). Educational and informational documents, including the influence of climate change on human health.
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, uniting all developed countries. Information on activity in the sphere of climate change in OECD countries as well as in the countries with transitional economies. Systematic documents on standards, policy and measures for reduction of CO2 emissions
International Energy Agency. Information on energy efficiency, renewable energy etc..
National Pollution Abatement Facility. Documents on climate change. Documents on the project of the Global Environmental Facility/International Bank of Reconstruction and Development “Russian Renewable Energy Program”.
European Environment Agency. Method CORINAIR of registration of CO2 emissions, statistics on the EU countries.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration US Department of Commerce Library. Wide range of documents and statistics on climate change.
Global Environment Facility. Environmental projects, including projects on Operational Program 5, dedicated to the energy development and greenhouse gas emissions reduction.
Federal Service of the Russian Federation on Hydrometeorology and Environment Monitoring. Weather forecasts, information on natural phenomena, news etc.
Moscow and Moscow Region Meteorological Office. Weather forecasts, meteonews and information on climate for all Russia. Climate news, information on publications etc.
UK Meteorological Office and one of the most important international forecast centers – Hadley Center for Climate Prediction and Research. Climate change projections. – Prototype Carbon Fund of the World Bank. Information of activity and projects for the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol.
Dutch program ERUPT on buying emission reduction. Information on current and planned projects.

Sites of non-governmental organizations
World Wild Fond International, climate program. Information on climate events, influence of the climate change on ecosystems, WWF Program “New Energy – New Life”
World Wild Fond Russia. Information on wide range of environmental issues, including climate events, influence of climate change on ecosystems. Library of publications, especially on climate change.
Non-commercial Partnership “National Organization for the Support of CO2 Absorption Projects”. News and analytic documents. Climate change, energy efficiency and Kyoto Protocol. Russian regions and stabilization of greenhouse gas emissions. UNDP project.
Russian Regional Environmental Center. News and analytic documents. Environmental economy. Climate change and Kyoto Protocol.
Center for Energy Efficiency, Moscow. Documents on energy efficiency and energy-saving. Publications, including those on registration and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as on Kyoto Protocol.
National Carbon Union – a non-profit partnership of Russian companies, interested in an efficient from the economic point of view solution of climate change issue
“Environmental defense”, USA. Documents on environmental issues, including climate change. Publications and documents on activity, connected with greenhouse gas emissions in USA and other countries.
Site for consultations on practical use of the Kyoto Protocol mechanisms, quota market, common projects and projects of “clean development”.
Energy Carbon Fund of RAO UES of Russia. Information on its activity, documents on greenhouse gas. be changed by )
«Eco-Accord» - Center for Environment and Sustainable Development. Current events. News. Information on international environmental treaties. Distribution of documents on environmental issues, including climate change and Kyoto Protocol.
First-rate Russian network of environmental organizations. Information exchange, distribution of documents on the most relevant issues.

Special climate discussion and information sites
First-rate international site for scientific discussions on climate change (run by the scientists of the Goddard University of NASA. USA). News, discussion of all kinds of issues except political ones. FAQ.
Educational and informational site on climate change in Russian.
Site which intention is to rally computer resources in order to estimate and forecast the climate change in the ÕÕI century. General information on scientific conception of climate, various models, their advantages and disadvantages.
Factual information and analytic documents on the current state of world carbon market. News, library of publications.
Pew Center on Global Climate Change unites businessmen, politicians and scientists concerned with the climate change issue. Documents on climate policy, news, publications.
Documents of international conference held in Great Britain in 2005 and dedicated to the scientific discussion of the last knowledge on climate change.

Prepared by A.O. Kokorin, WWF Russia, Please, notify us the climate change sites which were not included in this list

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