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Ella Pamfilova Advocates the Toughening Legislation Regulating the Fight against Xenophobia

STRELNA, July 17 – RIA Novosti

The Chair of the Civil Society Institutions and Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation Ella Pamfilova, called for toughening Russian legislation regulating fighting xenophobia.

“I suppose, that we have to toughen our legislation in the sphere of fighting xenophobia, - said Pamfilova. – For the moment there are some possibilities in the legislation allowing law-enforcement bodies to institute proceedings against someone not within the framework of fighting xenophobia but fighting hooliganism. We must avoid it”.

She also advocated toughening penalties for law-enforcement officials is such cases. “But unfortunately, it will mean fighting consequences not solving the problem”, - she added.

Ella Pamfilova also expressed hope that the development of the civil society in Russia will continue after the G8 summit.

”I hope that our efforts will not end after the summit, - Pamfilova said. – It is important for our regional NGOs to establish contacts with foreign colleagues, to be more self-confident, to believe that their voice will be heard inside the country”.

Ella Pamfilova also mentioned, that during the preparatory period before the summit several actions with the participation of Russian, international and foreign NGOs were held.

Pamfilova thinks, the rumors, that the civil society is being “cut the head” don’t represent the facts. “It is illogical to say that our human rights leaders are very loyal to the Kremlin”, - she reminded.

Ella Pamfilova said that she badly understands its meaning and is skeptical about it. “I think there are only one alternative for a country - the democracy exists or doesn’t. And we have a long way to rehabilitate the word”. She also added that during the long period for the Russians the word “Democracy” developed into the understanding of Russia’s non-independence.
“No, I think, this stereotype will end. The development of the state on a democratic basis is the only way”, - she said.

Ella Pamfilova also supposes that some amendments will be made in the law regulating NGO activities in Russia. “Many Russian NGOs conduct monitoring on the law using in practice. When we have enough information on it, we’ll try to systematize it and present to the President”, she added.

Pamfilova considers it very important that Vladimir Putin passed the NGO recommendations to the G8 leaders. “It is very important for us. We see, that this systematic work gives its results”.

She stressed, that some NGO recommendations were taken into account by the G8 summit, particularly, in the sphere of alternative sources of energy. At the same time there are still different approaches of NGO and G8 leaders towards the nuclear energy issues.

”NGO community is very skeptical about nuclear energy and consider it dangerous and non-perspective”, - Pamfilova said.

Pamfilova also informed, that by November the NGOs will prepare their recommendations for the next G8 summit. She said that besides the energy security, some other issues will be included into the next G8 summit agenda – migration, education, xenophobia and other social issues.

Pamfilova also suggested to divide officially the meanings of “Political activities” and “Social activities”. “We have to determine what is political and social activities, - she said. The absence of such determination gives sometimes the opportunity for arbitrariness”.

Ella Pamfilova also said she addressed the General Prosecutor Office concerning the detention of NGO representatives on their way to St Petersburg. She stressed that this affair is under her personal control. She said she received 12 complaints from citizens from Altai, Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan.

Pamfilova said also that she attentively follows the investigation concerning anti-globalists detention in St Petersburg. “I will follow the investigation results, - she said. – I hope we’ll have some concrete results soon. And I feel I have moral responsibility in this case”.

Ilia Ponomarev, the leader of the social organization “Left Front” said the according to anti-globalists information, about 500 participants of the Russian Social Forum were prevented from reaching St Petersburg. Ponomarev says that their were detained on their way to St Petersburg.

The First deputy to the Russian Foreign Minister Alexander Chekalin denied the Mass Media information that several anti-globalists were detained on their way to St Petersburg to participate in the Russian Social Forum.

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